At Thrupenny, we are committed to building a decentralized financial ecosystem that empowers individuals and communities to take control of their own financial futures. Our platform is designed to provide a wide range of services and features that cater to the needs of a diverse user base, from retail investors to institutional players.

Phase 1 (Q1 2022 - Q2 2022)

  • Token Distribution: Initial distribution of $TPY tokens

  • Platform Launch: Secure storage, trading, and management of digital assets

  • Token Listing: $TPY on leading crypto exchanges

  • DeFi Services: Access a range of financial services on the platform

  • Lending/Borrowing: Earn interest on assets and access liquidity

  • Governance Model: Development for community participation in decision-making

  • Token Burn: Maintain a healthy token economy through buyback and burn of TPY

Phase 2 (Q3 2022 - Q2 2023)

  • Community Building: Partnerships and engagement initiatives

  • Staking/Farming: Earn rewards for staking and liquidity provision

  • Investment Rounds: Open to accredited investors

  • Expansion to Traditional Services: Savings accounts and insurance products

  • Platform Upgrades: Enhance user experience and functionality

Phase 3 (Q3 2023 - Beyond)

  • Token Listing: Continued listing of $TPY on leading crypto exchanges

  • Token Burn: Continued buyback and burn of TPY to maintain token economy

  • DAO Launch: Earn rewards for participating in platform governance

  • DEX Launch: Thrupenny decentralized exchange

  • Enterprise Solutions: Institutional-grade custody and compliance

  • Global Expansion: Expand services globally to reach a wider audience

  • New Products/Services: Research and development of new offerings

  • Social Impact Fund: Invest and support socially responsible projects and organizations

The Thrupenny team is dedicated to driving the adoption and growth of the TPY token and ecosystem. We are constantly exploring new opportunities and partnerships to expand the use and value of TPY for our community and investors. We will prioritize security, compliance, and user experience, to ensure that our platform is accessible and user-friendly to all. Additionally, we will continue to engage with the community and take their feedback into account as we move forward.

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