Team & Advisors


The Team and Advisors of the Thrupenny platform are currently undergoing a restructuring process to better align with our goals and vision for the future. We are confident that this restructuring will lead to a stronger and more effective team, and we will provide updates on the progress as well as the new additions to the team and advisors in the near future.

Rest assured that during this period, our commitment to providing top-notch services and delivering on our promises remains unchanged.


Daniel Leong


Daniel has contributed to the company's progress toward its objective of democratizing finance and making it accessible to everyone because to his solid background in both finance and technology. The success of the business has been largely attributed to his industry knowledge and passion for innovation. Daniel is committed to leveraging technology to improve everyone's future, and his work at Thrupenny is evidence of this dedication.

Alvis Leong


Alvis is committed to spreading awareness of the advantages of decentralized banking since he is an innovator who wants to alter the current financial structure. Because Alvis has experience in both banking and technology, he offers a unique view on how these two sectors interact and how they may be combined to create a more open and fair financial system. Under his direction, Thrupenny has become a significant player in the DeFi market, providing customers from all over the world with a range of lending, borrowing, staking, and yield farming options. Alvis is dedicated to enhancing the financial industry and ensuring a brighter future for everyone through his passion and vision.

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