Token Utilities

The $TPY token, the native token of the Thrupenny platform, has several key utilities which spread across our entire ecosystem that make it a valuable addition to any digital asset portfolio.

Lending and Borrowing

The $TPY token can be used as collateral for loans on the Thrupenny lending and borrowing platform. Users can borrow against their $TPY holdings, while also earning interest on their $TPY holdings by lending them out.


The $TPY token can be used as collateral for loans on the Thrupenny lending and borrowing platform.


Users can borrow against their $TPY holdings,


Users can also earn interest on their $TPY holdings by lending them out.


The $TPY token can also be sold by the platform's liquidation mechanism if the value of the collateral falls below a certain threshold.

Staking and Yield Farming


Users can deposit and stake $TPY in the platform's staking pools in order to earn rewards. The more $TPY that is staked, the higher the rewards will be for users. The staked assets may be locked in the pools for a certain period of time, during which users will earn rewards on their staked assets.

Yield Farming

Users can participate in yield farming pools by depositing and staking $TPY, along with other supported assets. These pools use liquidity pools and smart contracts to facilitate the yield farming process, providing users with a seamless and efficient way to earn rewards on their digital assets. The rewards are distributed proportionally based on the amount of assets staked and the length of time they have been staked.


Proposal Submission

Any member of the community who holds $TPY tokens can submit a proposal for consideration by the governance system. Proposals can include suggestions for new features, changes to the platform's protocol, or any other matter that the community deems important.


Once a proposal has been submitted, it is reviewed and evaluated by the community before being put to a vote. The community, consisting of $TPY token holders, will then vote on the proposal, with the outcome determined by the majority vote.

Payment and Transactions

Platform Transactions

Token can be used as a means of paying for various services and features within the Thrupenny platform, such as trading fees, interest payments on loans, and more.

Ecosystem Partners

Token can also be used as a means of payment for goods and services provided by Thrupenny's ecosystem partners. These partners may include other decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, merchants, and more.


Token can also be used as a means of transactions within the Thrupenny's dApps, where users can use the token as a form of payment for various goods and services.

Discounted Transaction Fees

Holders may also be eligible for discounted transaction fees when using the Thrupenny platform. This can lead to significant savings for frequent users of the platform.

Access to Premium Features

Higher Lending and Borrowing Limits

Holders of a certain amount of $TPY may have access to higher lending and borrowing limits on the Thrupenny platform. This allows them to access more funds and potentially earn more in interest or returns.

Exclusive Access to Products and Services

Holders may also have exclusive access to certain products and services on the platform such as early access to new lending and borrowing pools, or exclusive access to premium features such as higher interest rates or special promotions.

Community Incentives and Rewards

Token holders may also be eligible for community incentives and rewards such as airdrops, buyback and burn programs, and other community-driven initiatives.

Increased Reputation and Trust

Holding a certain amount of tokens may also increase a user's reputation and trust within the Thrupenny community, making it easier for them to access funds and participate in other aspects of the platform.

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